Arc Audio KS125.2BX2


KS 125.2 BX2 – Arc Audio 2-Channel Mini Amplifier

BX2 is a bass frequency extension technology that provides increased perceived bass frequency response below the low frequency cut off in an audio system. BX2 uses the principle of the missing fundamental, which creates the sensation of low frequencies by generating a carefully calculated series of harmonics designed to simulate the auditory experience in the human ear caused by the missing fundamental pitch.

2- Channels @ 4 Ohms70 Watts

2-Channels@ 2 Ohms125 Watts

1-Channel @ 4 Ohms (Bridged)

250 WattsFrequency Response5Hz

20kHzCrossover Range50Hz

550HzBass BoostNoS/N Ratio101dBInput Sensitivity (Low)170mV

3.5VBX2 Technology (Bal)YesFuse1 x 30 AmpDimensions8.25″

(L) x 4.8″(W) x 1.7″(H)

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