5-button remote transmitter. Up to 1-mile of range with interactive 2-way LCD confirmation. One of Compustar’s signature models and a staple for premium-level remote starters.

Luxurious Design

The Compustar 901 remote was elegantly designed to surpass the visual aesthetic of any remote you could get at the dealership. The detail in the 901’s curves and edges speaks to Compustar’s dedication to adding value and style to your keychain.

Interactive LCD

The 901 has an interactive LCD that shows the status of your vehicle. The screen keeps you updated on whether your doors are locked and in the event of an alarm trigger, the 901 will give you an audible alert with a short description of what happened to your vehicle.

USB Rechargeable

Equipped with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, the PRO 901 comes with a micro-USB charger that can be plugged into any 120v wall outlet or desktop USB input. No need to ever replace expensive batteries!

Up to 1 Mile of Range

When you’re at the mall, the hospital, or at the stadium, you can count on the Compustar 901’s 1-mile range for remote starting and securing your vehicle. The 901 utilizes Spread Spectrum Technology, which is the most reliable method of RF communication and resists interference from structures and other electronic signals.

Security Features

Smart Impact Sensor

Digital impact and tilt sensors are installed with every Compustar security system. These sensors can detect and distinguish between moderate and severe impact, alerting you on your 2-way LCD remote if either occurs.

Eliminate Car Theft

While your vehicle is locked and armed with Compustar security, the system activates Engine Lock, which prevents your vehicle from being started and stolen (even if the intruder has your actual car key!).

I’m Armed. Stay Away!

Compustar security systems include a super-bright theft-deterrent LED. When locked and armed, the LED will slowly blink to warn potential thieves that your vehicle is safe and secure.

Sound the Alarm!

Compustar’s 6-tone siren is water-resistant and ultra-compact. If your alarm is ever triggered, the siren will blare at over 105dBs to scare away any intruders and to notify you when you’re nearby.