AudioControl LC7i

6-channel line output converter with bass restoration — add amps to your factory system (Gray)

This LOC lets you amplify your factory system and restores the bass
Your car’s stereo has great features, like steering wheel controls, built-in Bluetooth®, or navigation, but the sound is terrible. AudioControl’s LC7i 6-channel line output converter lets you hook up aftermarket amps, speakers, and subs to almost any factory stereo, allowing you to improve the sound without losing any of the factory features. It takes the speaker outputs of your factory radio or amp, converts it to a clean, unified, preamp-level signal, and then sends it along to your amps so you can enjoy some real power and impact in your music.


Six Channel Line Output Converter: The AudioControl LC7i is a six channel active line converter which allows you to keep your factory installed source unit in your vehicle and still dramatically improve your car audio system performance. The LC7i accepts up to six channels of speaker-level signal from factory installed amplifiers or a source unit and converts it to a high quality, after market low-noise, pre-amp level signal that can be fed to amplifiers and speakers.

AccuBASS: The LC7i fixes one of the biggest letdowns of today’s factory systems, weak bass. Designed for maximum sound quality and enhanced audio performance, the LC7i incorporates AccuBASS. This patent pending process automatically corrects for the bass roll-off that is common with many factory-installed audio systems and AudioControl’s unique and exclusive AccuBASS patent pending circuitry maintains and restores the Bass as the volume is turned up, improving the audio performance.

Speaker Input: The speaker level inputs are compatible with nearly any factory stereo system, even most Bose systems. There are 3 pair of inputs that will accommodate up to 400 watts.

Channel Summing: The LC7i has the ability to sum together multiple input channels (4 or 6) from the factory source unit into 2 channels. This is handy when the factory system has multiple, actively crossed-over signals sent from the OEM source unit or amplifier(s). For example, in some vehicles there is an actively crossed-over tweeter, midrange, and woofer all in the front of the vehicle. The LC7i lets you take all of those signals and sum them together to get a high-quality, full-range, pre-amp signal without the use of any additional cables or hardware.

AutoMode Inputs: When there is no signal present at the channel 3 input, the channel 2 input automatically feeds the channel 2 and channel 3 outputs.

Output Level: The +/- 12 dB output level allows you to adjust the head unit’s voltage to the top of your amp’s input range; up to 8.5 volts RMS. Each of the three pair of  RCA outputs has its own level adjustment.

Auto Turn-on: The main speaker level input has a signal sensing circuit; the unit turns on when there’s a speaker level input signal and turns off when the signal disappears.

Ground Isolation: The power supply ground is switchable, in case of ground loop noise. The factory position is fully isolated (typically the best choice), but can be changed to Ground or 200Ω.

Remote Output: The +12 volt DC remote output will trigger an amp to turn on whenever the LC7i is on. The remote’s maximum current output is 1 amp.

Terminal Blocks: The power/ground/remote in/remote out terminal and the speaker level input terminals are removable; the wiring is attached to the block, then the block is plugged into the LC7. The terminal blocks will accommodate wire up to 12 gauge.

Optional Remote Control: Using the optional ACR-1 wired remote (161ACR1, sold separately) you can easily adjust the output level of channel 3 of the AudioControl LC7i, often used for a subwoofer. The remote is designed to be dash mounted, within reach of the driver; it can be mounted under the dash with the supplied bracket, or the bracket can be removed and the knob and LED can be custom mounted through the dash


  • Maximum Speaker Level Input: 400 watts (at 4Ω)
  • Maximum Output Voltage: 8.5 volts RMS
  • Frequency response: 10Hz-22kHz
  • THD: 0.01%
  • Input Impedance: 20 kΩ
  • Output Impedance: 150 Ohms