AudioControl 6XS

6-Channel Electronic Crossover

Don’t let your crossover be the weak link in your car audio chain. AudioControl’s 6XS 6-channel crossover uses a steep 24 dB per octave slope to separate your high and low frequencies, along with a built-in line driver that’ll beef up the signal from an anemic receiver.

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AudioControl DM-608

Digital signal processor — 6 inputs, 8 outputs

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AudioControl DM-810

Digital signal processor — 8 inputs, 10 outputs

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AudioControl Epicenter Plus

Bass processor with aux input for factory or aftermarket systems (Gray)

The Epicenter Plus processor from AudioControl will maximize the low-frequency power and punch of any bass system, whether you’ve got a simple powered tube or a full-blown competition setup. You can connect the Epicenter Plus to any stereo, and its speaker-level inputs will even accept the output from a high-power factory amplifier. Simply install this processor between your car’s receiver and your outboard amplifiers, and hear what you’ve been missing.

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AudioControl EQS

6 channel trunk-mount equalizer

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AudioControl EQX

2 channel trunk-mount equalizer with crossover

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AudioControl LC2i

2-channel line output converter for adding amps to your factory system

Looking for great sound from your factory radio? Would you like to upgrade your car’s premium system? AudioControl’s LC2i line output converter takes amplified speaker-level signals and converts them into high-quality preamp signals that can be fed to another processor or amplifier. In other words, it lets you create an awesome car audio system without disturbing your factory controls or features.

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AudioControl LC6i

6 channel line out converter

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AudioControl LC7i

6-channel line output converter with bass restoration — add amps to your factory system (Gray)

This LOC lets you amplify your factory system and restores the bass
Your car’s stereo has great features, like steering wheel controls, built-in Bluetooth®, or navigation, but the sound is terrible. AudioControl’s LC7i 6-channel line output converter lets you hook up aftermarket amps, speakers, and subs to almost any factory stereo, allowing you to improve the sound without losing any of the factory features. It takes the speaker outputs of your factory radio or amp, converts it to a clean, unified, preamp-level signal, and then sends it along to your amps so you can enjoy some real power and impact in your music.

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AudioControl Matrix

6 channel line driver with optional level control

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